Tis’ the season to dress up your pets, so here’s another excuse to do just that (and maybe even make that holiday card you’ve been talking about).  Twas about this time last year we conjured up a contest where you find some creature of the wild and dress them up in your favorite Choonimal shirt, snap a photo, then submit it for a chance to win some Choonimals of your own, as well as some bragging rights (neener, neener).


The winner from last year was Julie B. and her little Finn, whom we dubbed “Mr. Standy Stands.”

Mr. Standy Stands

Mr. Standy Stands

While we think it may be hard to top that, here’s how you can give it a shot in 5 easy steps…

1.  Grab your favorite Choonimal shirt

2.  Find a creature (non-human)

3.  Put the two together (Choons + Animal = Choonanimals)

4.  Snap a photo

5.  Submit your Choonanimal to chad@choonimals.com


Here’s a link to our Facebook album from last years shenanigans —-> Clickity click.


Between NOW and December 14th all entries will be considered as WE narrow them down and announce two (2) semi-finalists per day from December 15th to the 24th for a total of 20 semi-finalists.  The semi-finalists will be announced on our facebook wall on a daily basis and those chosen few will be e-mailed about their entry as well.  Once all semi-finalists have been announced, voting (“liking”) will begin AFTER we create a facebook album with all of the semi-finalists (PLEASE NOTE:  This is the only time voting will be considered!).  Voting begins on X-Mas day (that’s December 25th in case you forgot) and ends when the ball drops on New Years Eve (January 1st).  There will be a total of 2 GRAND PRIZE winners, 1 voted by you and our fans, and the other by some monkeys with a magic eight ball (that’s us!).


What do the winners get?!

EVERY SINGLE ENTRY will receive a 10% off discount code as a reward for their awesomness and particpation.


And each GRAND PRIZE winner will get 2 T-Shirts, 1 Long Sleeve Hoodie or Sweater, and a custom piece of artwork.  That’s right, whether it’s your favorite animal or a combination of them all, you get an original one-of-a-kind Choonimals drawing.


So get out the best of your worst holiday sweaters and bundle up for this years contest, we can’t wait to see what you all come up with!


Happy Holla’ days,



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